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Healthcare Intranet

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Discover how Powell Intranet can help your healthcare institution achieve:
🚀  87% more social interactions
🚀 100% inclusion (even deskless and frontline workers)
🚀 -85% time reduction to deploy a site collection
With this guide, you'll learn:
  • Why healthcare institutions choose Powell Intranet 
  • Benefits and features of our SharePoint intranet that sees 2x more adoption than legacy intranets
  • How every department, including HR, Comms, IT, and more can leverage the intranet
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If you've been tasked with internal communications, employee engagement, or improving how departments communicate internally and between each other, this guide is for you. Whether you're in Senior Management, HR, Communications, or Marketing there's something for you. The guide will be particularly useful to those looking to improve an existing company intranet or find the best intranet platform.
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Meet your new company intranet

Reimagine your intranet platform and really engage employees with Powell Intranet

Powell Intranet, Your Company Intranet Reimagined


Our cloud-based intranet solution is ready to use right out of the box, providing organizations with a range of tools and features to get started.

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Customizable, scalable & open

Powell Intranet software is highly customizable and scalable, allowing organizations to tailor it to fit their specific needs and requirements.

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Microsoft 365 services

Our intranet solution is built on Microsoft 365, giving organizations access to all the tools and features they need to stay connected, collaborate, and work efficiently.

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Security & Compliance

Powell Intranet meets the highest enterprise-grade standards for data protection, with built-in security and compliance features to keep your organization’s information safe.

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Powell Intranet with BG (2)
What your DW could be webinar Generic
Why Intranets Fail Webinar Generic 2
Powell Intranet with BG (4)
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The Complete Guide to Powell Intranet for Healthcare Institutions

Download the ebook and discover how Powell Intranet can help your healthcare institution

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