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The Employee Engagement Playbook

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Leaders today face a tough work environment, trying to balance the long-term impacts of the pandemic with a demotivated workforce.
With some employees back in the office and others working from home permanently, engaging employees is harder than ever. The numbers reflect it, with only 15% of employees actively engaged.
If you've been tasked with re-connecting employees, reducing staff turnover, improving employee satisfaction, and boosting engagement - this playbook is for you. 
With this guide, you will:
  • Understand what employee engagement really means and the difference between the three levels of engaged staff
  • Discover the benefits of actively pursuing an employee engagement strategy
  • Learn 10 key strategies to engage employees, especially in a hybrid workplace 
  • Minimize time spent on creating engaging content in your digital workplace 
  • Become an expert in employee engagement to create a connected and committed workforce, and avoid costly resignations 
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This Employee Engagement Playbook will help leaders improve employee satisfaction, reduce staff turnover, and boost engagement in the changing work environment. With many employees working from home, engagement has become harder. The playbook provides valuable insights into engagement, the benefits of pursuing a strategy, 10 key strategies, and an infographic to minimize content creation time. Leaders can become experts and avoid costly turnover. Best of all, the playbook is available for free.

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Meet your new company intranet

Reimagine your intranet platform and really engage employees with Powell Intranet

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Improve Internal Communications

Powell Intranet helps employees stay informed and connected thanks to an attractive interface and simplified contributor experience. Employees will never miss important updates again!

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Engage Employees from Anywhere

Our cloud-based solution allows your employees to stay connected and productive from anywhere, making it the perfect solution for companies with remote or hybrid teams

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Design an Inclusive Culture

Powell Intranet’s features like the ideation hub, employee advocacy, and water fountain help engage employees and foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration in the digital workplace. Our mobile app ensures field workers feel just as included.

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The Employee Engagement Playbook

Create a connected an engaged workforce, no matter where your employees are located

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