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Unveiling the Future of Collaboration with the Virtual Building

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Have you heard about our latest launch? Don't wait any longer. Watch the webinar and discover the Virtual Building. 
Uncover an innovative, immersive tool that enhances user experience and supplements your intranet and Teams spaces. The Virtual Building will revolutionize collaboration and engagement, in your hybrid workplace.  
Webinar - Virtual Building - Powell Intranet

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In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The challenges of hybrid work and how the Virtual Building addresses them
  • Customer feedback from those who have tested the newest Powell function
  • The unique features of the Virtual Building and its use cases
  • A live demo where you can experience the immersive environment for yourself
  • Prerequisites for accessing the Virtual Building
  • We'll also dive into what to expect next from Powell Intranet
Webinar - Powell and Gartner - Reimagining the Intranet for the Future of Work 2
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Meet the speakers

Prisca Nykolyszyn

Group Digital Communications Leader


Tamar Asatiani

Product Marketing Manager

Powell Software

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Join us for this on-demand webinar as we explore how AVRIL leveraged the Virtual Building for their remarkable online 40th-anniversary program. Gain exclusive insights from Prisca NYKOLYSZYN as she shares her first-hand experience and the numerous advantages of this groundbreaking tool.

Building upon Prisca's account, Matthieu Silbermann, Chief Product Officer at Powell Software, will guide you through an immersive live demo, showcasing the diverse range of use cases for the Virtual Building. Discover how this innovative solution addresses the unique challenges posed by hybrid work scenarios, fostering collaboration and inclusivity.

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