How Metropolitan Employees Contribute to the Ecological Transition of Their Territory

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Angers Loire Métropole collaborated with Powell Software to improve its internal processes and promote innovation within its services.

Read the case study to learn how Powell Software helped Angers Loire Métropole engage all employees in the transition to ecological sustainability.

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Reimagine the way you work together

With Powell Intranet, the all-in-one platform that combines communication and collaboration, you enhance the employee experience and make it more comprehensive, engaging, and inclusive.

Organize collaboration tools

Define and configure your operating rules to secure best practices. Structure and manage Microsoft Teams by facilitating the identification, tracking, and management of your teams.

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Increase productivity, securely:

  • Quickly access the tools and applications used every day
  • Access all your information on Microsoft Teams, a browser, or a mobile device
  • Simplify information search with SharePoint Search
  • Facilitate employee management: welcoming new arrivals, posting job offers, etc.
  • Securely store your documents, data, and information on your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Mobilize your employees from anywhere.

With integrated tools such as Employee Advocacy, Ideation, Kudos, transform your employees into true ambassadors of your company, both internally and externally.


Modernize an aging intranet and support digital transformation:

  • Powell Intranet is twice as used with an attractive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Create a modern and intuitive intranet based on SharePoint.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of important information between different sites and employees.
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Companies that love Powell Intranet

We have implemented the agglomeration's intranet on Powell Intranet because the idea was to have a slightly more user-friendly interface than the native SharePoint.

We wanted to create an intranet to make information accessible to everyone, even to 'non-connected' agents.

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Launch your company's intranet with Powell Software

Discover the best intranet solution for your digital workplace, with seamless integration of Microsoft 365 and easy-to-use governance. And all in record time! Set up a demo now to explore all the intranet features and customize your employees' experience. Control your environment with ease and simplicity!