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Key benefits:

  • Ready-made slides: Save time with pre-written content and impactful visuals.
  • Easy to customize: Add your company logo, data points, and specific needs.
  • Data-driven arguments: Persuade your audience with the power of intranets.
  • Increased engagement & productivity: Showcase the positive impact on your workforce.
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This presentation template is your perfect companion if you are a:

  • Communications Manager: Equip yourself with a persuasive presentation to advocate for an intranet project within your company.
  • Change Leader: Champion a more connected and collaborative work environment by presenting the benefits of an intranet.
  • Business Leader: Build a strong case for an intranet investment, highlighting its impact on employee engagement and productivity.
  • Anyone passionate about improving communication: Use this template to spark conversations and gain buy-in for an intranet solution.

Powell Intranet, Your Company Intranet Reimagined


Our cloud-based intranet solution is ready to use right out of the box, providing organizations with a range of tools and features to get started.

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Customizable, scalable & open

Powell Intranet software is highly customizable and scalable, allowing organizations to tailor it to fit their specific needs and requirements.

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Microsoft 365 services

Our intranet solution is built on Microsoft 365, giving organizations access to all the tools and features they need to stay connected, collaborate, and work efficiently.

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Security & Compliance

Powell Intranet meets the highest enterprise-grade standards for data protection, with built-in security and compliance features to keep your organization’s information safe.

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Powell Intranet with BG (2)
What your DW could be webinar Generic
Why Intranets Fail Webinar Generic 2
Powell Intranet with BG (4)
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An intranet can be a game-changer for your organization. Download this free presentation template and take the first step towards a more connected, efficient, and productive workplace.

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